Birth Doula Testimonials

"Didi is a fantastic Doula. She was present for the birth of my first child and it was a major comfort to both me and my husband to have her there.  She helped me remain relaxed and comfortable while having contractions throughout the process and I would absolutely hire her again.  Birthing a child can be extremely stressful and confusing but Didi put my husband and me at ease.  For me it was important to have a calm and centered person representing my needs to the doctors and nurses at the hospital and Didi did not skip a beat the entire length of my 23 hour labor.  Didi was a great support.  I could not have asked for better." — L. and P.

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"I cannot recommend Didi enough. When I was pregnant, my hope was to have an intervention-free birth. However, my water broke before I went into active labor and I had to be induced. I knew how much more intense contractions could be with Pitocin, but I was still hoping to give birth without an epidural.  I credit my support team, which included Didi, in allowing me to do so.

From the get go, Didi helped my husband and I determine our hopes for the birth. She asked probing questions – from wanted medications to cord clamping – to ensure we were all on the same page. Didi was also available in the weeks leading up to my delivery to answer any questions I had; it was a wonderful complement to the resources and information I was getting from my midwives. At the labor itself, Didi was with us for the entire time. She massaged my back, suggesting position changes, and reminded me to focus on my breathing.  She was a nurturing and reassuring presence during a very intense experience. And, after the baby was born, she stayed to make sure everything was okay, but then left to give my husband and I time to bond with our new son. If you are considering a doula, I highly recommend you choose Didi." — MAGGIE and SETH

"Just knowing that I had Didi's support lined up for my daughter's birth was a huge comfort for me as I approached my labor.  In our meetings beforehand and during my labor, she helped me find the strength and confidence to successfully give birth to my daughter naturally.  I feel so fortunate that my delivery went just as I planned, and while I know much of it is beyond our control, Didi's support was invaluable." — CLAIRE and BEN

"We chose Didi after interviewing three doulas. We liked that she was a mother herself, and we felt confident that she’d be calm and thoughtful under pressure. The actual delivery in the hospital ended up taking 40 hours, and Didi was present for a good part of it. She sat with us in the Labor & Delivery room for the long hours, rubbed my back, helped me stay comfortable during the painful contractions, and gave helpful and knowledgeable advice whenever the doctor proposed interventions.  While I had hoped for a natural birth, the labor did not progress on its own; having Didi there helped me feel ok with accepting the procedures recommended by my doctor. Since we were there for so long, Didi’s presence also made it possible for my husband to get some air while ensuring I’d have someone to keep me company. We were very happy that we chose Didi as our doula." — NICOLE and BEN

"We had a very comforting and worry free experience with Didi.  This being our first child and not exactly knowing what to expect, it was nice having someone with us who had experience and brought a calmness to the process.  Didi was also a strong advocate for us with the hospital.  She knew the process and flow and allowed us to concentrate of the labor.  We would recommend Didi if you are looking for a qualified, experienced and comforting doula." — SYLVIA and STEVE

"I was nervous about the entire idea of another human coming out of my wife. The more I thought about it, the less "normal" it seemed, and yet, obviously it is. When my wife went into labor we waited a long time, but when we called Didi, she knew exactly how to comfort me... and my wife! Even though we eventuallyopted for a c-section (this kid was just not coming out!), I was extremely glad that Didi had been there with us beforehand. We chose her for her experience, empathetic personality, and professional attitude. When we were looking for a doula, Didi clearly had the motherly aura we wanted." — BONES and LAURA

"I was lucky to have been connected with Didi through birth day presence. My husband and I took the weekend intensive class on childbirth education as well as the breastfeeding/newborn class. We both were extremely excited about the birth of our son, but we had so many questions since this was both our first child. So the classes really helped us have a better understanding of what to expect. However, after the classes and speaking with several friends, they all highly recommended having a doula present during labor. At first, I didn’t quite understand why it was necessary until i took the childbirth class and realized that my husband was going to have his hands full with trying to take care of me during my contractions as well as filling out paper work and getting our private room situated on the day of labor, feeding me water, and keeping me calm, etc. With that being said, I just didn’t want anyone to be that extra set of hands. I wanted someone who was experienced in childbirth, nurturing, and in-line with my requests. And Didi was exactly the right person for the job. I interviewed several other Doula’s but after meeting Didi, both my husband and I felt immediately comfortable with her.

Didi has children of her own, so she is familiar with the birthing process. She is also a Native of NYC so she knows the city too. She has been doing this for several years, and her “cool calm” was extremely comforting. I wanted so badly to have a natural birth. I was extremely nervous about executing this on the day of labor, because I have a really low pain tolerance. However, because I took the class and met with Didi prior to the due date, I felt as prepared as I could have possibly been. Didi made several suggestions on handling contractions as well as practicing how to maintain composure while having a contraction. She also prepped me by telling  me that if I could make it through the contractions… the “pushing” is the easy part. And WOW she was right. She also told me to walk a lot prior to the labor and sit on the medicine ball several times a day. All these things helped ripen my cervix so that when the labor actually happened, I didn’t have to start at zero and wait to go to 10. 

When the labor began at 5 am, I texted Didi and told her my water broke. she responded IMMEDIATELY and told me to try to get sleep and let her know if and when the contractions start. The next hour the contractions began. I called her and she said just take it easy, Rest, eat, and start our plan which was to enjoy the day as normal until the contractions really started to strengthen. I wanted to labor alone in the beginning because I knew it would or could take many hours, and I wanted to do that privately. However, I kept her in the loop the entire time, and once my contractions were at 8-1-1 I knew it was time to have her come because at that point I needed an extra hand to help massage my back while I leaned on my husband. I was very lucky to have labored at home for about 9 hours, and only have to labor at the hospital for about 3. My total birth experience was 12 hours long, and I did have a natural birth and did not tear or get cut. side note: Make sure you find a doctor who is willing to “coach” you thru the pushing process. That is a huge reason why having a natural birth is beneficial beyond the health of your child. Three days after the birth i was able to walk my dog (slowly of course) and climb my 4 story walkup with ease. 

The best part about Didi was that I didn’t want someone who was overbearing or loud or demanding. She was always calm, composed and present. She met with me prior to the delivery and took note of all my requests during labor, and she met ALL of them.  It was amazing because without even telling her anything, my husband, her, and I seemed to get a really great routine and rhythm going when I had the rolling contractions. My husband was my focal point while Didi fed me water, fanned by back, set warm wash clothes on my head, rub my back, and suggested different positions, etc throughout the process. Also, when i was getting tired, and beginning to second guess myself and almost giving in to the drugs, she distracted me and kept me thinking about what I was doing and reminding me that the hardest part was almost over. It worked, and once I was fully dilated, I was allowed the push and the rest was history. I guess another reason why I felt comfortable with her was that both my husband and I had no idea what to expect, and having her there with all her experience really eased our minds. 

I will be quite honest, many people annoy me during high stress situations. However, Didi is NOT one of those people. She doesn’t step on anyones toes or boss people around or make you do anything you aren’t comfortable with. She simply makes suggestions, remains calm, and in a non-demanding way (if needed) reminds you what your goals were and somehow unobtrusively keeps you on track. When my husband had to step out of the room to handle the payments and paperwork, it was so nice having her there to be present and calm me as i labored. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula and when I have my second child, I won’t even hesitate to call Didi up and have her help with that birth too. 

I highly recommend Didi. I have recommended her to several coworkers already. And while i was on maternity leave, it is also nice to know that if i need a postpartum doula she is available to help me if needed. All in all, I don’t think you would be disappointed in hiring Didi. She was absolutely wonderful and sweet, and I know that she was a huge reason why my birthing experience was so unbelievable. I couldn’t have asked for a better birth." — JULIA and MARSHALL